Craft beer

Seems to be everywhere in Saigon. There was Pasteur first, now seemingly everywhere, and now also there’s Heart of Darkness, Winking Seal, East West Brewery: Or the one I am in right now, Urban Basement: Just wish the music and the closing times were better… Advertisements

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On the road

I remember I once read somewhere that airlines jobs were considered “glamorous” – I suppose, constant international travel had something to do with it. I was dreaming about that life back then, stuck as I was (or felt) in a boring town in the US Midwest. Now that I have that life (even if not […]

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Fortune Center, the mall

I’ve mentioned elsewhere here how much I love local malls – in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. I mean, the old ones, not the neon and steel variety. Curiously enough, they seem to be specific to the area. In Hong Kong local malls are different, much more noisy and garish. Different too in Thailand (check out […]

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There definitely is a trend. What once was alternative (exposed piping and brick; modernist artworks; current music in the hallways/elevators/restaurants; vibrant colors in the room; wall sized photos elsewhere; etc) is now mainstream. Case in point: And it’s called, following the trend, Hotel G. (Why so many hotels M, G, S – why no Hotel […]

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Saigon, Majestic

A side-side quest of mine, over the last 10 or so years, has been to live in and chronicle classic hotels in Asia. From Galle Face in Sri Lanka to The Strand in Yangon I have been lucky to stay in, dine in, drink in, and cajole in, some historic, not to mention gorgeous, hotels. […]

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Games, old and new

When I was a kid, as the country I grew up in was rather isolated, we didn’t have many new movies in cinemas. (And this was the 80’s, an era when movies still had storylines as opposed to CGI and explosions, and you just didn’t have sequel #8. Police Academy only went to 4 I […]

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