Eerie mall

I love older malls/shopping centers/markets, in Bangkok, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. Especially at night when they’re deserted. This could be a scene for a horror movie.

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New Year’s Day 

Always was a reason for post event depression when I was a kid. I’d keep watching reruns of the New Year’s Eve tv shows while trying to ignore all thoughts of the dreadful winter months ahead.  In the U.S. I used to play the U2 song.  Here, it hardly registered. There were no fireworks this […]

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North Pattaya. Looks more like a Bangkok suburb than the rest of Sin City.  Sea is rather rough. Many Koreans and Russians. Other than the excellent Wine Cellar, not many dining options. Yet it somehow has a retro hotel: 

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My favorite business (not hip, not boutique) hotels have to be: Sheraton Sukhumvit Grande, Bangkok Shangri La, Jakarta Kerry, Beijing Runner-up, Sheraton Kuala Lumpur. But now I’m here: Ok the rock shtick wears out quickly. But it’s not a bad choice in the circumstances. And you have center stage. BTW they play a lot of […]

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